Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Speed Dry + Nail Enamel

When I saw this product I thought to myself "what? Volcanic rock?" And then thought "no way" and flipped through the Avon book, although my eyes knew something is deceiving me on the page and I really couldn't help but flip back to the page a couple of good times and in my head judge how the product must be lying.

I decided to test the product myself just to see how good it was, I bought the polish in the colour Pronto Purple which is a lovely royal purple colour. As soon as my Avon products were here I was dying to try them on. As soon as I opened the polish bottle I got the regular polish smell which all Avon polishes have, and I thought to myself, that nothing really changed!

But of course I was still a sucker to try out the polish, I gave my nails a quick coat and I was amazed, the colour was rich and the polish was slightly thick but still weak enough to drip, yet the colour was so rich I swear I could have walked around with only one coat and lie to everyone there were two coats! But that wasn't the actual part that wow'd me, the bottle said dries in 30 seconds, but in maybe about 35 seconds, I wasn't really timing, the polish was dry, no speed drying spray, no liquid freeze, absolutely NOTHING! It was dry! So I applied another coat and waited exactly 30 seconds (I timed it) and amazement had kicked in!

The polish was solid! No smudging, no streaks, NOTHING! I could hear heaven music playing in the background, could the volcanic rock actually have such an effect? It could be possible, so I thought it would make my nails harder, but that didn't really happen, however my nailpolish was hard, so it had an advantage, unfortunately the nailpolish didn't have such a shine that I had expected, but it dried in 30 seconds so it's fair enough.

And if you're not a fan of purple, it comes in amazing colours:
Burnt orange
Strawberry pink

I'd recommend this polish to anyone who wants an amazing colour in a matter of seconds with a long lasting effect on nails, because this amazing polish can last up to 7 days!

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