Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Alice In Wonderland Eyeshadow Kit

I purchased this eye shadow kit a couple of good years ago when Alice in Wonderland was such a big hit, Yardley had launched their own themed make up kit. This eye shadow kit contains sixteen different eyeshaow colours and four double sided brushes.

Normally I don't use all the colours in a pallete but with this one I have used most of them. I part I loved most about this product was the casing, it was a hard cardboard CD looking case which held the eye shadow colours and brushes in the middle.

I really liked the eyeshadows because the colour was rich and the colours stayed on for quite some time however they were slightly dry and abit hard to blend so I used a damp applicator which actually made the colour stay on for longer.

The eyeshadow pallete contained the following colours :
Royal Purple
Shimmer pink
Purple Shimmer
Grey Shimmer
Brown shimmer
Green shimmer
Peach shimmer
Dark brown shimmer

They were a lot of browns and light pinks which was actually what I liked, even though they were too many, I ended up using it more, and I know if it had more colourful colours it would have really gone to waste.

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