Thursday, 25 April 2013

Only Imagine

I am in love with the scent of this perfume! It's light, fresh and makes me feel like Spring has taken over. This perfume has a lovely fruity and musk smell mixed in a bottle.

So three hours ago I gave my wrist a good spritz of this product, surprisingly I can still get a strong scent of the perfume, however it's not strong and overwhelming but good enought to last quite a few hours. My mother tried the product and says it reminds her of DKNY, and actually it does have a light hint of a DKNY scent to it.

The bottle it comes in is super cute and has a kaleidoscope look with the bottle changing colour from a cream to peach to pink to a light purple at the end of the bottle, not to mention the lid of the bottle has some pretty decoration which is super cute if you're all girly girl.

This product can easily be turned into a perfect present or just for you to smell great! It retails for R229 which includes a 50ml bottle of Only Imagine, a roll on and a small purse spray so you can take the product anywhere and everywhere.

I would really recommend you give the product a try if you're a DKNY Be Delicious fan and if you love spring notes!

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