Thursday, 25 April 2013

Daily Shine : Shine Serum

I was really excited when this product came out because obviously who doesn't love glamorous, shiny hair, right?

The instructions are : Apply a pea sized amount to damp hair and style as normal.

I followed the instructions very well and really couldn't have gone off, when I first dried my hair with a hair dryer, it looked amazing and the light kept making my hair shine like crazy every time I went into a well lit area, I was really impressed with this product, but when I straightened my hair the trouble started. My hair had a really thick oily kind of look which eventually made me have to tie my hair in a pony and go out for some things.

I didn't think it was a big deal and when I came back I simply washed my hair and thought it would all be gone, until he exact same thing happened, when I straightened it my hair looked oily and thick, I checked the bottle again and I was horrified, the product lasts for three days and was water proof!

So I spent half the week with a pony hair *the joy* . As I thought to myself this product is really a waste of time I realized why don't I just apply an even smaller amount to my hair! And the magic begun!

So all you have to do is apply a really small amount to hair, smaller than a pea size and apply it to the tips of your hair rather than starting from the roots and you have fabulous, shiny hair which doesn't fade during washes! Amazing isn't it?

Everybody should really try this out, I mean who doesn't love a good glamorous shine to their hair?

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