Tuesday, 23 April 2013

O-Plump Intuitive Lip Plumper

Woolworths had a huge Smashbox sale a few days ago and I really wanted to try something's out from Smashbox because I always here good things about this brand. I was going through the lip glosses when I noticed something called O- Plump, I immediately turned over the box to read some of the info on the box and noticed it had a price tag of R220, and was reduced to R100. I thought to myself, would woolworths really sell an item for R220 if it didn't work?

So I let my curiosity get the better of me and purchased this lip gloss. I was so eager to give it a try because this lip gloss changes from clear to a shade of pink within seconds, and honestly things like this make me sooo excited. I'm not really a fan of pink, but it wasn't going to be a sugar pink but more of a light tint, plus the product had an added bonus! It gave lips a plumping effect for a perfect pout!

The product comes in a silver squeeze tube with a soft pink cap. I squeezed a small amount of gloss on my lips and spread it out quickly, within a minute the gloss turned from clear, to a soft rose pink. I was impressed because I love products like this, secondly the product gave my lips a fuller look and a very light plumping effect, but it was visible that there was a difference.

I also found that for a lip plumper this was the first product that didn't sting or make my lips tingle, because I really hate it when that happens because my lips tend to feel uncomfortable. Plus the lipgloss is weaker which means it doesn't make lips feel heavy and thick and lips don't feel sticky at all! I've also noticed it gives lips a long lasting shine which I really love! Plus my lips don't dry out, which is what a lot of lip plumpers do.

I know this product is pricy but I really would recommend you give it a try because it is worth it and the gloss will be long lasting because you don't require a lot of the product per a use and the product doesn't get dry easily on lips and its not harsh on your lips.

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