Tuesday, 23 April 2013

All or One Artificial Nail Remover

This product should be in everyone's secret cupboard! It's amazing, it's meant to remove acrylic stick on nails, and really isn't strong enough to remove actual acrylics, but if found it more effective for other nail purposes. I use this product as a nail polish remover.

The product has a bit of acetone in it, which can actually damage skin around the nails but this one doesn't. Plus I hate the overwhelming smell of nail polish remover which is strong and smells horrible, surprisingly this one is smells like strawberries and leaves a long lasting pleasant scent on fingers.

The nail removal kit contains:
A tub of the nail remover
A cuticle stick
A nail file
And a holding jar

The product is pretty simple to use! Wen you open the tub, you will see a foil covering, I would recommend you keep the tub upright all the time after removing the foil because the product can leak on other items. The inside of the tub has got a curved line for all four fingers and a round one for your thumb. The spaces which are meant for fingers have soft light plastic bristles which can be used to remove nail embellishments, however I use them for a quick nail polish removal. I just place my hands in the inserts, give fingers a slight twist, and polish is GONE!

Plus once the nail remover liquid dries up or finishes, you can easily replace it with normal nail polish remover. I would recommend you try out this product. It cost R90 but is really worth it.

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