Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Cinnamon Orange Scrub

I bought this scrub just for the scent. Even though I'm not a fan of the orange scent, the cinnamon one is just too devine and up till now I still can't get over the scent. It smells exactly like a strong cinnamon scent and I love the smell. The scrub itself it quite fine, but it is rough enough to remove dead skin cells, however it leaves an amazing scent on feet which is really long lasting.

I've noticed that the scrub is also very nourishing and doesn't leave skin dry and feeling tight, rather than other scrubs which I've tried. The scrub is also gentle on sensitive skin and the fragrance won't irritate skin.

I've noticed that after frequent use of this product and a few other products for feet from Avon, my feet were instantly transformed. I'm glad this scrub works, it's really worth purchasing, and retails for around R30. I would recommend you try this product out. The scrub is light and refreshing and makes skin feel silky smooth and amazing.

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