Thursday, 25 April 2013

Jimmy Choo Flash

So I was really excited when a courier came for me today and I had received the new Jimmy Choo Flash perfume. I was super excited and without a moment to spare, I ripped open the packaging to find a beautiful shimmering box.

This beautiful box which has a diamond like lustre, and when it hits the light it is meant to represent a million miniature paparazzi flashbulbs. The sparkling finish also reflects the effervescent spirit of the fragrance itself.

I was so eager that if the perfume box had so much of detail in it, what could the perfume bottle be like. The bottle was inspired by a modernist chandelier from the 1970s, and references a palette of crystal, lucite and metal. In keeping with the FLASH story, it was designed to play with light and gives a shimmering mesmerizing effect. Its angular, architectural flacon,seems encrusted with small glass studs on three sides.Recreating the reflection of a crystal, the bottle’s faceted cap has a sleek metal band, adding to its luxurious finish. The colour of the bottle takes its inspiration from the ultraviolet lights of a nightclub and alludes to the flash of a paparazzi bulb. It is at once cool and electric.

Jimmy Choo Creative Director Sandra Choi states “We see fragrance as another accessory, we want women to feel as excited as they do when they buy a pair of shoes or a handbag,” says Choi.

I love this amazing perfume. The smell is simply devine. The perfume has a strong scent which contains notes of: Pink Pepper, Strawberry, Tuberose, Jasmine, White Lily, Heliotrope, White Woods. I would say the scent is quite feminine and makes you feel like you're about to walk the red carpet. As soon as you spray the perfume you don't get the exact scent, but after a few minutes you smell it. I especially love the perfume bottle because its extremely eye catching and really unique. I have the 40ml bottle which is perfect to fit in my handbag so I can smell like a celebrity all the time. The packaging of the product on the other hand is simply amazing and honestly I was really impressed by it and there was definitely a lot of effort put into the box. I really wouldn't say this product fits into an age group because the scent is perfect for anyone. However the scent is really long lasting and I could feel the scent lingering on my skin for the entire day. I would really recommend you give this perfume a try, because the scent is really unusual yet simply devine and really long lasting so you won't need to reapply the perfume during the day. I would definitely purchase the product in future when my bottle gets finished.

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