Thursday, 25 April 2013

Beautiful Color Eye Shadow Duo

So ever since this amazing eyeshadow has entered my cosmetic bag, it's here to stay! Thank you Beauty Bulletin for sending me this eyeshadow as a prize from the competition. It's probably one of the most luxurious eyeshadows I've ever seen.

The eyeshadow compact itself just screams classy, it's a shiny gold compact with a mirror look front which contains the famous Red Door logo. The inside of the compact has a large creamy peachy colour eyeshadow and a small chocolate brown coloured eyeshadow. Both eyeshadows contain the Red Door logo embossed on the shadows. The inside of the compact also contains a large mirror for perfect application and contains a brush, one side has a sponge applicator while the other has an eyebrow brush applicator.

I've used the eyeshadow quite a few times since I've received it and the results are amazing. The creamy peach shadow has a beautiful shimmer look while the brown shadow has a flawless matte finish. I really love the non fading colour that this eyeshadow gives.

It's available in the following colours :
Classic Khaki (cream and emerald green)
Precious Metal ( golden cream and gold)
Heathered Plums ( a dark golden cream with a purple)
Black Tie (cream with black)
Misty Teal (grey cream with teal)
Café Au Lait (light brown and brown)

This eyeshadow has had tests conducted about how amazing this eyeshadow is, the results were :
- 100% say they’re gentle enough for their eyelid skin
- 99% report it’s easy to apply and comfortable to wear
- 96% report works well with all skin types
- 93% report that these perfectly paired colors glide on evenly without creasing
- 93% report eyelids look smoothed
- 90% report that these eye shadows are long wearing & have staying power
- Over 65% said their eyes looked smoother and more youthful
- 69% said their eye lids had a firmer look
- 67% said it gives their eyes a more youthful appearance

The Key Igredients for this amazing eyeshadow are:

Advanced Pigment Technology: Each color pigment particle is coated with a blend of silky silicone, Retinyl Linoleate and antioxidants to create exceptional color saturation and luxurious, cushion-like texture. Eye shadow lays a veil of color on top of the eye lid without settling into lines and creases.

Retinyl Linoleate: Elizabeth Arden’s patented Vitamin A derivative. Clinically proven to help minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and support your skin’s own natural collagen production.

Antioxidants, Vitamins C & E: Help neutralize free radicals, greatly reducing their destructive power on skin cells in the delicate eye area.

Product Application
First, smooth the lightest shade of the duo across your entire eye lid, Next, create some contour by using the darker shade in the crease of your eye lid. For added dimension, use the lightest shade again to highlight under your brow and in the inner corners of your eyes.

PRO's and CON's

Crease proof eyeshadow
Intense colour
Variety of colours
Classic compact
Luxurious texture
Have complimentary colour
Eyeshadow is gentle
Easy application
Colour doesn't fade

The eyeshadow is expensive
There isn't a lot of the product in the compact

I would really recommend you give this product a try because the colour is amazingly luxurious and rich for eyelids and provide long lasting colour to eyelids without a doubt. The eyeshadow is also perfect for sensitive eyes and doesn't irritate or trouble eyes at all.

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