Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Eye Enhancing Gel CreamLiner

Stackable eyeliner with a perfectly sculptured brush, HOW CAN YOU SAY NO? I was hooked just buy the look of the product, I couldn't say no, I really couldn't. These eyeliners work according to your eye colour, so because my eyes are a very dark brown/ black, I chose the brown eyes stack which contains the colour brown, purple and black.

I was really excited because I was looking for a very good brown eyeliner which can give me a very nice natural kind of look, and my favourite colour is purple so saying no by now is really out of the question. I purchased it and eagerly awaited to try it out.

So I used it today I applied the brown eyeliner because I wanted a really natural look, I was so impressed, firstly because the brown wasn't a dull lifeless brown, it had a fine shimmer in it which I loved! Secondly the brush is sculptured in such a way that you can get the perfect line no matter what!

I also love the stackable concept because I tend to lose my little pots of eyeliner in my make up bag all the time, but don't think you're stuck with a big stack all the time, because anytime you want to pack a specific colour, you just detach it from the stack and pack it!

This is a gel eyeliner but it's absolutely light and once applied it feels fine and light exactly like a liquid liner. I also noticed that even though the eyeliner is creamy it's very light. It also doesn't smudge and is water proof, but can easily be removed with eye make up remover.

I would recommend this product to anyone who loves a good gel eyeliner which is light and water proof and smudge proof. Plus each set of gel eyeliners comes matching a specific colour which you really can't go wrong on.

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