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Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Colour : 5.25 Frosted Chestnut

I received this amazing hair colour in 5.25 Frosted Chestnut from Beauty Bulletin. This month I decided to make Garnier's slogan "WHY GO UNNOTICED?" my resolution and become noticed so I decided to dye my hair.

About Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Colour
It's a permanent nourishing hair colour, which has reflecting pigments, and is anti drying. The promise is - 'Ultra shimmering, long-lasting brunette. Silky shiny hair.' The product is also new and promises 8 weeks anti dryness and has a conditioner which contains 3 oils.

About the Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Colour Box
  • The front of the box has a beautiful model whose hair is dyed in the colour Frosted Chestnut, so consumers can see exactly what the colour looks like on hair. The front of the box has more information about the product and how it helps nourish hair.

  • The left side of the box has a colour test. The colour test helps people with different hair shades (dark brown, light brown and blonde) to know the different shades their hair will become after being dyed.

  • The right side of the box has instructions which could help you know if you're allergic to the product. It's important that you perform an allergy test before applying hair colour.

  • The back of the box helps customers know more about the product they are purchasing and how the product enhances the hair colour and nourishes it.
  • The back of the box also has a circle push in, it helps when mixing the hair dye, you simply push in the circle and place the bottle in the circle when mixing the dye. (See my experience)

  • The top of the box has the hair colour and a sample picture of the colour hair will possibly become once coloured.
  • The bottom of the box has the ingredients that the different products contain.

What's in the box?
1 applicator bottle of Developer Creme - 60ml
1 tube of nourishing Colour Creme - 40ml
1 bottle of colour nourishing conditioner - 40ml
A pair of gloves
An instruction Leaflet

About the Products
The three main products of the hair colouring treatment are labeled as Step A, Step B and Step C.

Step A is the Developer Creme in an Applicator Bottle
Step B is the nourishing hair colour
Step C is the colour nourishing conditioner.

The instruction leaflet
The instruction leaflet contains all the information you will need to dye your hair. It has safety instructions, step by step to colour your hair and how to make the most of your colour once you've dyed uour hair.

The Leaflet Process
(I will just give a brief summery about the steps)

STEP 1 - Get Ready: Prepare and mix up your colour
In this step, the instructions will give details about how to mix the colour.

STEP 2 - Apply: On dry unwashed hair and smell the fruity fragrance
In step two the instructions help you on applying the colour to your hair and the time limits that you should leave the colour. You could go with option one or two. Option 1 is to dye you're entire head, while Option 2 is if you're going to dye only the roots (also known as a root touch up)

STEP 3 - Rinse and condition: And see your radiant new colour
The final step on how to achieve a lovely colour and how to maintain your colour.

My Experience

When I dye my hair I always use Garnier Nutrisse because I feel the colour looks better on my hair and my hair actually looks more refreshed and revived after colouring my hair, rather than looking dull and stripped of colour. Another reason I love the Nutrisse range is because of the fruity smell, without opening the box with products you can easily get a pleasant fruity smell, rather than a strong ammonia smell.

What I used when colouring my hair:
  • Applicator bottle of Developer Creme - Step A
  • Tube of nourishing Colour Creme - Step B
  • Bottle of colour nourishing conditioner - Step C
  • A pair of gloves
  • An instruction Leaflet
  • A mirror
  • An old towel
  • A hair grip (also known as a jaw grip)
  • Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)
  • Old Newspaper

My Process

Step One : First keep old newspaper everywhere because this job can get really messy! Keep all the products you will need close to each other, especially a mirror. And then you're ready to go!
Before I begin, I must admit, I cheated a little... I got my mother to help me with the application in the places I really couldn't reach. Once I was ready for the hair dye process, I pushed in the circle at the back of my hair colour box and placed my developer bottle (A) in the box, I then unscrewed the cap. I opened the colour tube (B) and pierced the tube with the cap (has a sharp point to poke the metal protector). I then placed the tube in the bottle and squeezed the entire content into the bottle (A). Once all the product is in the bottle (A) I rescrewed on the lid and shook the bottle for about a minute. (The instruction says 30 seconds, but I shook it for an extra 30 just to make sure) and the I snapped off the tip of the bottle.
NOTE: You have to snap of the tip as soon as you mix the product else the bottle will burst and you will not be able to use the product.

Step Two: I kept the bottle aside while I opened my hair. I applied a thin layer of Vaseline to my hair line and behind my ears (it helps prevent the hair colour from staining skin) I also kept a damp cloth in handy if I messed my face. The instructions say part hair in 4 sections, however I just applied the product to my detangled open hair (it's better to apply to clean dry hair, because if hair is oily, the colour might not catch on as well as it was meant to). I put on my gloves and begun to colour my hair. I applied the colour to my hair and massaged in the colour, once I completed my colouring, I used a wide tooth comb to spread the colour evenly and make sure every bit of my hair was coloured. I then gripped up my hair and used the cloth to clean up any bits that were on my skin. I also disposed of A and B and the newspaper and gloves.
I kept my colour on for around 40 minutes ( the instructions say you can leave the product on for 35 minutes if uour hair is resistant)

Step Three: I then rinsed my hair with a small amount of water (about a cup) and massaged my hair, just to emulsify the colour. After about 5 minutes I completed the rinsing process until the water was clear (meaning all the dye was gone). I then applied the Nourishing conditioner (C) to my hair and massaged well. It would be better if you don't apply any shampoo for 24 hours because it can help the colour intensify.

However make sure to use the Nourishing Conditioner (C) because it is very important.The final conditioner ensures a perfect elimination of the colouring ingredients and seals the colour by closing the scales of the hair. It nourishes and smoothes the hair, adding radiance and shine. You can keep the conditioner for the next 4 to 5 washes as it makes hair feel silky soft and nourished. The Nourishing Conditioner has been enriched with Shea Butter and three oils which are : Avocado, Olive and Blackcurrant.

Dry hair and style as normal.

The happily ever after
In South Africa Garnier hasn't released a shampoo as yet, but because Garnier and L'oreal are one brand, wash hair using L'oreal Colour Radiance which helps enhance your colour and protect it and keep your colour for longer. It's available in most shops and comes in a red bottle.

The PRO's and CON's

PRO's :
  • Has a pleasant smell, not a strong ammonia smell.
  • The hair colour is cheaper than going to the salon all the time.
  • The hair colour is available almost everywhere.
  • The hair colour comes in 26 amazing shades.
  • The hair colour is easy to use.
  • The Nourishing Conditioner helps hair feel silky soft.
  • The hair colour doesn't strip hair of its natural oil
  • The hair colour has nourishing oils to keep hair healthy.
  • The hair colour has shimmering shades and reflects colour
  • The hair colour makes hair look healthier and stronger.

  • Some people may not like the scent of the hair colour (it's very fruity)
  • The hair colouring process can get messy and people would need help.
  • Frequent use of the product can damage hair.

I recommend this product to anyone who wants to colour their hair and wants beautiful shimmering pigments. The hair colour is also inexpensive and available everywhere. Please have a look at my pictures which are attached.
I will attach Before and After Pictures as soon as I wash my hair using the Colour Radiance shampoo.

Thank you to Beauty Bulletin and Garnier for giving me the opportunity to review this product and become noticed.

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