Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Volum' Express Colossal : Smoky Eyes

After reading about this product on the COSMO website, I was so super excited to try it out, I really couldn't wait, I spend about two weeks going around from store to store, mall to mall looking for this mascara but unfortunately nobody heard about it and no stores had the product as yet. While browsing around in Dis-Chem, I saw this product, without caring about anything else, I rushed to the cashier and purchased this product.

The mascara comes in a bright yellow mascara tube while the packaging has a black and yellow cardboard backing with information about the product and the front part is clear so you can view the product. What was really attractive about this mascara is that it had black flames on the lid of the mascara which I really liked on the product because it was attractive against the yellow tube.

When I opened the tube I was breathless, the brush was a mega brush which was spaced perfectly to help achieve a perfect black kohl effect. When I touched the brush (highly messy, don't try it at home) it had soft bristles which were highly flexible to give you the perfect look.

When I applied the mascara all I needed was one coat and I was in heaven! The mascara was amazing, it made my lashes look longer and more darker and enhanced my smokey eye look by a million times. I was really impressed because my lashes didn't look fake at all, it gave my lashes a thin yet highly effective coat and there was no clumping so there was no need for a lash brush!

I was also really happy to know this product didn't irritate my sensitive eyes or make my eyes itch or burn, it was also perfect for when I was using contact lens so it's perfect for people who have sensitive eyes and are contact lens users. I was really taken away by this product, however the only thing that let me down was this product wasn't waterproof, and when I went to bath, I had forgotten to remove my eye make up, giving me a horrible panda eyes effect, but lucky I was at home and nobody had seen that.

PRO's and CON's

  • You can effortlessly achieve a smokey eye look
  • There is no clumping of lashes
  • You can get amazing lashes with one coat of this mascara
  • The product is easy to remove (just pretend we don't know about the panda eyes if you don't remove it before you bath)
  • The mascara enhances the look of lashes without giving them a fake look

  • The mascara has a horrible chemical smell, it can be ignored but I just don't like it
  • The product is a bit expensive
  • It isn't available everywhere as yet
  • The product is not waterproof : CAUTION! Don't wear to the beach or pool!

I would recommend you give this this amazing mascara a try, it retails at R114, which is expensive but worth it for a mascara that gives lashes such colour and definition, plus it can help you achieve a flawless smokey eye look, with no effort at all.

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