Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Pigments - Edwards Love

The Twilight Saga drew in so much of money from there fans, and honestly the fans really couldn't get enough of this sensation, so popular brands came out with merchandise which would make their fans go even more crazy. Essence is one of the brands who has launched a Breaking Dawn Part 2 range,which has every product like:
  • lip glosses
  • lip sticks
  • glitter eye liners
  • blushes
  • Shimmer powder
  • Nail polishes
  • And the most amazing eye pigments

I was really excited when I purchased the eye pigment. I purchased it in Edwards Love, which is a dark charcoal grey colour, which has a perfect shimmer in the powdered shadow and actual pieces of glitter which you can only see once applied, however the pieces of glitter aren't overwhelming but rather just here and there to give you an extra sparkle like the Cullens.

When I opened the little pigment tub I was so excited, because the tub has a mini sieve which doesn't let a whole lot of the product spill out, but rather enough to get a good colour. I applied the eye pigment using the Essence eyeshadow brush (the brush is flat and has a rounded tip which helps give me more control of the pigments to get more definition of colour)

The colour is a deep charcoal grey but when applied with a good sufficient amount, the colour becomes a dark almost black colour, and is perfect if you're trying to achieve a smokey eye look. The eye pigments are long lasting on eye lids however they are a bit messy to remove so I suggest using make up remover rather than going to have a bath with the product on.

If charcoal grey isn't your colour, the eye pigments come in a lovely deep black, a royal purple and a golden shimmer. I would recommend you try this eye pigments out, they've been around for quite some time, but they. Are limited edition, but for R29 they are completely worth a try. Plus they are super safe for eyes and don't trouble or irritate eyes at all.

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