Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Essence : Colour Changing Lip Balm

I love it when Essence releases a new Limited Edition theme, I go crazy and want to purchase everything! The latest theme is OZ The Great and Powerful. I was so excited I picked the most attention grabbing products first. This is one of the best products because its a colour changing lip balm, it has two of my favourite things : colour changing products and lip balms!

I chose this lip balm in 01 Glinda The Good. The lip balm casing and lip balm are both a deep red. So excited I slapped on a healthy coat of this amazing lip balm, the balm transferred on my lips clear, however in under a minute, the colour turned into a light red/pinkish colour which I really loved because it gives lips a soft tint like a lip tint.

The balm is perfect because its non waxy and thick so it doesn't feel heavy on lips at all. The balm is actually quite light and has a delicious sweet scent. I've also noticed when you apply the balm on your lips, you have a beautiful glossy shine. Which I think is perfect for someone who wants a shimmering shine and a lip tint without the commitment.

I've only used the balm for two days so I can't really see visible difference however I've noticed that my lips feel softer with frequent use of the balm. So I will do an update in a weeks time about any other differences I've noticed. However I give this product a BIG thumbs up.

I would recommend anybody give this product a try. It's completely inexpensive and retails at R29, which is reasonable for a lip balm. This product is perfect if you want a light tint on your lips or if you want a sheer colour.

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