Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Hair Bean

At first I saw this product on TV and I thought it was a really stupid product which people could sell to people making them think it works, and I'm not sure what made me change my mind. I didn't want to waste my money on a brush and then realise it didn't work, so I tested my cousins brush out first, I rushed and bought mine the same day.

So this brush is called a hair bean, it doesn't have a handle and fits into the palm of your hand (kinda makes me feel like I'm brushing my hair with an actual brush) however it's so different from normal hair brushes. The bristles of this brush are angled in a specific way that it easily removes tangles in seconds with no pain at all. It's amazing.

I use my brush on dry and wet hair because it doesn't pull or hurt hair at all, which is something I really like because I have really fine hair which gets tangled really easily. However I can't really say it helps much with adding volume because I haven't actually seen that part yet. But I will admit, I've been seeing less hair on my brush compared to my other hair brushes plus this one is easier to clean.

Plus because I have a large handbag this product fits perfectly in my bag, and has its own holder to keep the brush which includes a mirror for when you can't see what you doing. R99 for a hair brush is a serious splurge but I feel it's completely worth it because you're not going to loose any bristles from this brush and you going to have a pain free styling experience every time.

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