Wednesday, 3 April 2013

BondiBlu Sparkle

BondiBlu Babe is one of the most famous perfumes ever, I don't think there is anybody who hasn't tried the perfume, until few good years ago BondiBlu came out with a perfume called Sparkle.

I received one of these from my cousin for my 16th Birthday, the bottle is a tall cylinder, made out of glass. It has purple little sparkles printed on the bottle as well as the name 'Sparkle' on it, the bottle has a shiny metal lid and comes in a 50ml bottle, while its also available in the can spray which is a white can with the same details and comes in a 90ml bottle. The can and bottle come together in a gift pack and retail around R130 per set, which I find very affordable.

I like the scent of the perfume because its fresh but has a bit of spice to it, the perfume is really for teenagers and younger people mainly because I don't think older people would really like the scent. The perfume makes me feel absolutely girly and fresh all day long. I spray two to three spritz of the perfume on my wrist and neck and I use the can spray on my clothes to enhance the smell. I'm really happy to say that the scent stays on me all day long without fading at all. Plus the scent is strong but not overwhelming so you can really smell it all day long.

I would really recommend you give this perfume a try because it's affordable and it last really long. And nothing beats smelling fresh all day long!

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