Wednesday, 3 April 2013

MY: Four Way Nail Buffer

I've been addicted to MY cosmetic products ever since they graced South Africa with their presence. My latest product which I've added to my collection is the four way nail buffer, this is the most amazing nail buffer ever and is quite big so it can fit perfectly in your hand. The buffer has the softest foam ever, which makes holding the buffer much more comfortable when using. Plus the buffer is super cute and pink and had patterns all over the buffer, making it the perfect accessory for any handbag.

The nail buffer has four sides:
  • File
  • Smooth
  • Buff
  • Shine

And I'm sure everyone has used a nail buffer to know how to use it, but I'll give a brief summary of the process. You use file to file nails and make the edges smooth. You use smooth over your nail bed to remove any ridges you may have. Once you've completed that use buff to give nails a matte shine. And then gently buff nails using shine, which will give nails a natural high shine which looks like using a top coat on nails. Don't over buff nails to get an extra shine, and use the product gently because over use can hurt and damage fingernails.

I would recommend you give this product a try because it gives an amazing flawless look on nails, and it's perfect if you love a natural look or don't wear nail polish because nothing looks as amazing as shiny well conditioned healthy nails. Plus the nail buffer is completely inexpensive and retails for R39. The nail buffer is quite long lasting and I've been using it for around four months now.

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