Saturday, 2 March 2013

Lip Ice Jello's

Lip Ice Jello's Cherry will provide the daily care and protection your lips need with a combination of nourishing petroleum jelly and bursting Vitamin E beads. So, release a burst of the pure goodness of Vitamin E and help keep your lips softer and smoother than ever. Use whenever desired.

Product Review
Good old Lip Ice the famous lip balm that used to be around from waaaay back. I remember their famous bubblegum flavored lip balm :) but now lip ice has came up with something pretty cool, firstly they going all vintage and super cute by creating a lip balm which is in a little tin that can fit almost anywhere! The product comes in three flavours, mint, cherry and original. I wanted to try out the cherry first. It has a sweet cherry smell (similar to labello cherry) but with a more sweet kind of smell, the product really isn't big on colour, however the lip balm is petroleum jelly, so it moisturises lips instantly, the product doesn't need a lot to be used on lips, else it will give a really thick feel. I recommend this product to anyone who prefers to have super smooth and soft lips.

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