Saturday, 2 March 2013

UBU Pluckable Tweezers

This flat style tackles thick, stumpy hairs straight on. it's 100% stainless steel with handcrafted precision tips and comes clothed in its own cute case.

Product Review
I don't really tweeze my eyebrows because I normally go to the salon to have it threaded, however I purchased this amazing tweezer, which is named Pluckable. It's light, and comes in a silicone casing which is cute and discreet, the tweezers are stainless steel and make eyebrow plucking a real walk in the park. It's less painful and a whole lot quicker. The tip is square, which makes it easier to grab mean eyebrow hairs and remove them with less pain. Lets not forget how cute and colourful these tweezers are :)

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