Saturday, 2 March 2013

Dr Brandt Detoxygen Experience

So here I go, I had a sample of this product in my glossy box sample box (the box which I leave all my samples in) so I dug though the box and found my sample and there was the heaven music playing in the background I was so excited to try it out.

I first tried to calm myself down with all the excitement, I rushed to the bathroom, completed my cleansing routine and patted my skin until it was damp (the cream is meant to be applied on damp skin) . I sat opposite the mirror and applied step 1 to my face, as I applied the cream, within seconds, the cream started to bubble (feels like a slight tingle on skin) and within 5 minutes it all vanishes and seeps into skin.

I then rinsed my face with warm water, and patted my skin dry. As I looked in the mirror I notIced instantly my skin was brighter, fairer and smoother, my pores even looked smaller and my skin looked fine and hydrated not forgetting the smooth feeling my face had.

After I applied step 2, wow I can't explain it! The cream is a thick luxurious cream which smooths and blends into skin with no oily residue or shiny finish.

Now it's been half an hour since I've applied the step 2, and my skin feels hydrated and has a velvet and matte finish. I simply love this product nw :) I'm going tomorrow to purchase a bottle. It is really expensive I know, but Foschini has samples, and once you try it you will agree with me, this product is simply amazing. And it is worth it in the long run, because you only need a pea sized amount to make your skin feel so amazing and soft, and only needs to be used twice a week.

I recommend this product to anyone who wants a softer silkier and brighter face, I think you should try the product, if you not convinced enough, try a sample and you'll be hooked!

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