Monday, 2 June 2014

Oh So Heavenly Creme Oil : Pure Honey and Almond

This has to be one of the sweetest and most relaxing scents I've ever fallen in love with. The fragrance is light and has a sweet scent which leaves you surrounded by luxury and feeling completely indulged. If you're looking for a reason to pamper yourself, make sure you have a Creme Oil Bath Silk. I've been using this Creme Oil Bath Silk for quite some time and I've grown to love this rich scent which lingers on my skin. 

The Oh So Heavenly Creme Oil Bath Silk is something very unique. It is not actually a bubble bath, it's actually an oil and a creme mixed in a bottle. If you allow this bottle to stand upright for an hour, you will see the white creme separate from the oil and appear on the top. However to be completely have to mix Ithese two separate mixtures together and you'll notice a runny slightly tinted mixture (the Pure Honey and Almond is tinted a slight golden colour)

Once you pour this dreamy mixture into the bath filled with hot water, you will notice a few bubbles, but this isn't actually a bubble bath so these bubbles don't actually last. The bath silk feels absolutely dreamy on skin and keeps skin feeling amazing. What could be more relaxing than indulging yourself in a bath like this?  
This Creme Oil Bath Silk is very nourishing and if you really love the scent, I'd recommend getting the body lotion to use in conjunction with this bath silk. If Honey and Almond isn't for you, there are two more luxurious scents available. The Creme Oil Bath Silk retails at R35 for a 750ml bottle, which is quite a lot of product for the price! I would recommend you get this... Especially for a pamper session which you know you deserve. Just be careful when stepping out of the bathtub because it can be extremely slippery. 

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