Saturday, 7 June 2014


If you haven't heard, Invisibobble is the latest trend to amazing hair care, so what exactly is it? It is a trace less hair ring, which comes in a radical design. Compared to regular hair ties, this hair ring looks like a telephone wire, YES!! You read right, it looks like a telephone wire, but don't let this hair ring fool you... It is amazing! After doing some research on the Invisibobble, I searched a few online stores which stocked it such as Rubybox and Retail Box. I also checked a few local salons, which really recommended this... At first I thought they just wanted me to spend R80 on three plastic hair ties, but I was wrong.
The Invisibobble is promoted for various reasons, which are:
  • It is traceless
  • It avoids headaches 
  • Doesn't give you split ends 
  • Has a strong grip 
  • Is for all hair types

I purchased the pack which contains three different colours, mine contained a black, hot pink and red Invisibobble. The first one I used was a red. My hair is pin straight and I hate getting a hair line, so the Invisibobble promised no hair lines, YES! It lived up to the promise. Over time the Invisibobble does get loose, so you need to give it a few days to get back to its original shape. I will admit, I snapped the red one in a day, so I didn't think they were going to last long... Luckily the rest were quite long lasting and are still going strong! 
So I'd say R80 is quite steep for some hair ties, right? Exactly so if you would like something similar which gives you the same features... I'd recommend checking the Woolworths hair range, I purchased the Invisibobble dupe for R25, plus it included 5 of these hair rings! I'd really recommend you give it a try... It is amazing and you would definitely believe me when you try it.
P.S. : I am super sorry for not including my own pictures!

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