Thursday, 24 April 2014

Spotted Brand: SheWolf

So I've recently spotted a new brand on the market, a proudly South African brand, and even better... a proudly Durban brand called SheWolf. After sneaking a peek at their website, I had already mentally created a wishlist of all the things I knew I needed to own from their website!
So a bit more into detail about SheWolf, the fantasy brand was founded in 2013 by an extraordinary lady called Nadine Singh and is based in Durban. This fantasy brand has the most affordable and beautiful acrylic make up organisers in all different sizes, each one created to suit everybody's personal needs in protecting our amazing and beloved make up.
SheWolf also has their own cosmetic line which consists of false eyelashes, make up brushes, their own nail polish as well as eyeshadow and lipstick palettes, and for all you hair lovers out there...there is an amazing range of hair products on their website, from hair extensions, to clip on bangs to the cutest diamante add on! 
SheWolf delivers anywhere in South Africa and their aim is to create a clutter free beauty environment.
 You can find SheWolf Products on Facebook or SheWolf Website, or if you'd like to personally place your order with Nadine, send her an email to: or simply give her a call: 0795265542

**Note: all images have been supplied by SheWolf and have not been taken by Purple Sparkle Blog.**

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