Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Online Shopping: Retail Box

Which girl doesn't love a good online shopping experience? Every girl does! Let me start from the beginning...Recently I've been looking for a good set of brushes, I had my eye on GHD brushes and a few weeks ago I noticed them going on sale at Retailbox Online, obviously I kept prolonging buying them because I didn't want to use my credit card early in the month because it would be overspending. Luckily I waited because I was super excited when I saw three GHD brushes on special for R199.  I flipped, grabbed the credit card and purchased immediately.
Mind my advertising here, but I really wanted you guys to see how stunning these brushes are, for such a low price! I was so excited about it, I immediately told all my fellow blogging friends about the special. Four days after purchasing it, I received my package!
I immediately logged onto Instagram and showed everybody my amazing package I received! Look at these boxes, GHD you are true geniuses, what more can a girl want than receive these cute boxes filled with hair care wonder?
Here are the most beautiful hair brushes I've ever seen in my life. They coated in the smoothest most velvety coating and have a touch of glamour at every angle.
More about the Retail Box Website
Retail Box is an online hair store where you can find any product you're looking for, the website is super user friendly, has any information you need about any product, and now even stocks Taylor Morgan nail polishes. *double score* So normally I don't shop online because I have credit card issues, luckily Retail Box has the safest credit card system, which I was happy about, they have the quickest delivery system (seeing as they delivered my goods to Durban in four days with public holidays disturbing everywhere) plus I've noticed that they quite often have good sales which every girl loves! After peeping around the website and being super impressed with the good service, personal touches and the loads of friendliness, I made a list of products which I'm going to order next!
1. Morgan Taylor Nail Polish - Something to blog about (R110) : First the amazing colour, and then who can resist the name of this nail polish? This is definitely a product which every girl should get on her nails, I've heard amazing things about this nail polish.
2. Invisibobble Traceless Rings - Clear (R80): I really like these traceless rings, they give my straight hair something to be happy about, they less of a stress and much more convenient, plus these clear ones will be invisible in my hair.
3. Redken Shatterproof Shine Diamond Oil (R490): Firstly this bottle is so amazing, then I saw pictures posted in Instagram by Retail Box, which showed the glass dropper inside the bottle, I am a sucker for this kind of packaging, but what really blew me over was the amazing review I read on Beauty Bulletin. I am really looking forward to purchasing this oil.
4. Moroccainoil Glimmer Shine Spray (R290): I love super shiny hair, just as much as I love Moroccainoil. This spray is meant to keep hair looking soft and shiny plus the 100ml spray bottle is convenient.
5.GHD Heat Protectant Spray (R150): Currently on special, I really need a new good heat protectant spray, since this one is on special, I thought I'd get my hands on this first! 

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