Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Garnier BB Cream Collection

It has been almost two years since Ganier has launched their amazing BB Cream on South African shores. Garnier BB Cream was the first BB Cream to ever launch in South Africa, and is still amazing after all these years. I have the collection of BB Creams which I change in the months to suit my skin and weather conditions. So the BB cream stands for Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm is an all in one formula which helps you achieve a better and more perfect skin with a fraction of the time. 
The Garnier Range has:
1. Original BB Cream 
2. BB Cream for Oily Skin 
3. BB Cream PureActive 

The Garnier Original BB Cream 
When the original BB Cream came out, I was obsessed, I wouldn't go a day without it, this BB Cream promised to even skin tone, hydrate skin, renew skin, protect skin as well as brighten skin. The BB Cream also helps with many skin concerns such as dullness, discolouration as well as dryness.  I have a combination skin so sometimes my skin can get oily, so I always use a translucent powder over to give me a dewy semi matte finish. This BB Cream is especially amazing during winter for both dry and oily skin because it gives you the right amount of moisture which you need during the months skin really needs it. The original BB Cream has a thick rich consistency and gives a buildable coverage. The finish is very dewy and gives skin a fresh look. Personally when I use the original BB Cream, all imperfections are hidden and my skin looks flawless. The scent is a lovely clean Garnier scent which I really like. 

Available in shades: Light, Medium and Dark
Packaging: 50 ml squeeze tube 

The Garnier BB Cream for Combination to Oily Skin 
This was the second BB Cream to launch from the Garnier Range, this BB Cream promises an anti shine and non stop mattifying coverage, blurs pores and imperfect imperfections, evens tone and boosts a heathy glow as well as moisturises and contains SPF 20. Compared to the original, this BB Cream is far too runny for me. It is like applying liquid foundation so I apply this BB Cream using a Blender Baby Sponge. It gives skin a good coverage which can be buildable. However the medium shade which I use with the original is much darker than the BB Cream for oily skin. I've noticed that it isn't a completely matte finish as well, it is a semi matte finish with a sheer coverage, which I like for those hot days because you don't want to feel like you have half a bottle of foundation plastered on. Plus my skin has a lovely soft feeling after applying this BB Cream. 

Available in shades: Light, Medium and Dark 
Packaging: 40ml squeeze tube

Garnier BB Cream Pure Active 
This is the latest BB Cream from the Garnier Range, this BB Cream promises to hydrate, even skin tone, help with blackheads, mattifies and covers redness. So this BB Cream is a little different as it is part of the Pure Active range and contains 2% anti bacterial Salicylic Acid which helps improve imperfections by fighting them as well as covering them up. I really like this BB Cream, the scent is exactly like the Garnier Pure Active range and the consistency is just perfect, not too runny and not too thick. It gives the perfect coverage without feeling heavy on skin and lasts much longer than the original BB Cream. It comes in SPF 15 and covers the redness perfectly, which is really something I prefer when choosing BB Creams because nobody wants blotchy looking skin. I haven't really been using this BB Cream long enough to give a full review so as soon as I feel I have, I will definitely do a full review, so keep a look out for my review! 

Available in shades: I've only spotted it in Light and Medium 
Packaging: 50ml squeeze tube 

If you haven't tried the Garnier BB Cream yet, now is your chance, this range will always be amazing and my favourite BB Cream! Thank you Garnier for bringing the most epic BB Creams to South African shores. 


  1. Great post! I made the mistake of buying the oil free bb cream in meduim and it was too light so hoping to get my hands on the original but eagerly waiting your review on the pure active to have another option��

  2. Thanks for the review, this is my favourite BB cream brand.


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