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Avon Mega Effects Mascara : Blackest Black

Big bold beautiful lashes, can you ever say NO? Ladies may I introduce to YOU the most phenomenal mascara which hit South Africa by a storm. This extraordinary mascara has a unique "never seen before" design which transforms lashes from corner to corner, which leaves you with eyes that look bigger, lashes that look darker and more dramatic. Avon states that this unique mascara wonderbrush allows 40% more volume to lashes for bold volume. 
This Avon Mega Effects Mascara is unveiling a completely new approach to mascara application. This unique mascara took six years in the making, this volumising mascara is the result of feedback from over 2000 women and 5000 hours of science. This mascara comes with a never seen before wonderbrush, the unique brush bristles fit the natural shape of lashes, plus the ergonomic brush bends for comfort and control. 

Mega Effects Mascara replaces the standard wand with an innovative new multi-dimensional brush that lifts top and bottom lashes from root to tip in a whole new way. The first-ever brush of its kind, the Wonderbrush fits the curve of your eyes and can be used at 12 different angles for a corner to corner lash transformation. The bigger bristle area combs through lashes easily for phenomenal clump-free volume, which is basically what every girl is looking for. 

So how can you achieve clump free, sweat proof, non-flaking and non-smudging lashes which last for up to 24 hours in four simple steps? Here is how! 
Step 1- GRIP IT: Grip at sides and remove mascara cap.
Step 2- ROCK IT: Rock brush from side to side to pull out.
Step 3- BEND IT: Bend brush to desired angle and apply from the root to tip.
Step 4- LOCK IT: Insert applicator until it locks in place. 
**If the applicator needs more mascara, re-insert into mascara base (make sure it is fully inserted) then gently squeeze the base and repeat steps two to four again**

Inside the Mega Effects Mascara Box
  • The Mega Effects Mascara in Blackest Black 
  • Instructions 

My thoughts on the Avon Mega Effect Mascara in Blackest Black

As soon as I ripped open my postal packaging (I couldn't hold my excitement any longer) I noticed a cute small black box. I was surprised that the box was quite simple and with small text adjustments to a simple box, made a big difference. The AVON logo was in shimmering silver. I thought the word "Mega" looked much more eye catching on the box because the text was in Uppercase (all capital letters) plus it had a printed 3D effect, while the word "effect" was in standard text, while the word mascara was in smaller text. 

The mascara base is pure black while the lid is hot pink and the two colours together are just eye catching and perfect. The mascara lid has "Mega Effects Mascara" printed on, exactly like the text printed on the box. As soon as you pull out the lid from the mascara, you will see a brush sticking out of the mascara. So the instructions that are given help you get familiar with the mascara and how to use the mascara to get the best out of your lashes. I will admit that the mascara does look complicated at first, but after the first try, it is much easier to use. 

The mascara brush is known as Avon's "Wonderbrush" and I can finally see why they call this brush the wonderbrush, it sort of looks like a mini paint brush for your lashes. I feel that this brush will definitely get your lashes looking amazing and make your eyes stand out more than usual. The brush provides lashes with 40% more mascara, plus the brush allows perfect application with no more messy globs of mascara and no more tails of mascara. I really love the grips on the mascara brush because it allows more control and makes it easier to use. 

I found the bristles on the mascara brush to be perfectly shaped to allow an amazing application. The texture of the mascara is quite thin but even with one coat you can see a magnificent amount of volume. When I tested out the mascara I felt it took a few seconds to properly dry, so I'd recommend keeping lashes still straight after application to avoid smudging. The best part about the Avon Mega Effects mascara is that it is ophthalmologist tested, so if you have sensitive eyes, it is still perfectly safe because there is no irritation or discomfort. Plus when you're removing your mascara, the Mega Effects Mascara literally melts under eye make up remover. 

PRO's and CON's 

Pro's of Mega Effects Mascara 
  • 40% more mascara to lashes 
  • Easy to use 
  • The mascara is clump free
  • The mascara is flake free 
  • The mascara doesn't mess 
  • The mascara is sweat proof
  • The mascara brush gives lashes perfect spacing
  • The mascara brush gives lashes a BOOST of volume
  • The mascara brush has grips which are easy to control 
  • The mascara brush has 12 different angles for perfect application
  • The mascara brush bristles fit lashes 
  • The mascara is ophthalmologist tested
  • The mascara is easy to remove
  • The mascara is available in two shades

Con's of Mega Effects Mascara 
  • I think the biggest con would be that because of the 'regular' mascara look, people would be afraid to try this mascara out because it is different. 

The cost of the Mega Effects Mascara 
The mascara retails for retails for R189,95, which is the regular price for the Mega Effects Mascara.

The Mega Effects Mascara shades: 
  • Blackest Black 
  • Brown Black 

My Final Verdict
I would really recommend you give the Mega Effects Mascara a try, firstly because it gives lashes the most amazing volume ever, plus the mascara is easy to use. Even though the mascara looks a little scary at first, I promise once you've tried this mascara, you won't look back because this gives lashes everything you ever wanted. It makes eyes look more vibrant and makes lashes look darker. The mascara is long lasting and is sweat proof so it's perfect if you're off in the sun which is great because Summer is around the corner. The mascara is smaller than regular mascaras which makes it much easier to keep in your hand bag or clutch bag if you're off to a party. 

Avon stated that the new Mega Effects Mascara will give you bold lashes with panoramic volume. Eyes look bigger and lashes look darker, denser and more dramatic. Clump-proof, sweat-proof, non-flaking and non-smudging. - I say this is 100% TRUE! This mascara is nothing short of magical. It is really a mascara you should have. I would definitely give this mascara a full 10 out of 10, and if my review doesn't convince you, hopefully these comments on the Mega Effects Mascara by Avon's Global Celebrity Makeup Artist and Avon's Executive Director of Color Research & Development will convince you. 

“I love Mega Effects Mascara; the bendable wand allows you to get in close from many different angles, making it super easy to use. I always keep at least one in my makeup kit!”
-Lauren Andersen, Avon Global Celebrity Makeup Artist

“There hasn’t been true innovation in mascara since the 1950s. We realized there was a need for an improved application process and Avon is changing history by introducing a breakthrough with ergonomics in mind that will change the mascara application experience.”
-Lisa Lamberty, Avon Executive Director of Color Research & Development

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