Monday, 4 November 2013

Monday Must Have - Revlon Baby Stick : Pink Passion

So I spotted this baby stick on the Revlon International Website a few good months ago, I really couldn't wait for it to come to South Africa and luckily this October, Revlon brought it to South Africa in the Pacific Coast Colour Look by Gucci Westman collection. So everyone who isn't familiar with the Revlon Baby Stick, allow me to introduce it to you because once you purchase it, I promise it will be your best friend! This cute am EXTRA chubby mini tinted balm is small enough to fit anywhere yet effective enough to leave skin with a beautiful flushed look!  

The Baby Stick is a lip and cheek tint, it has a balm texture which is waxy but very moisturising and non sticky. It leaves skin feeling hydrated with a flush of colour. I was a bit disappointed when I read other reviews about this Baby Stick, but unless you try it for yourself... You can't truly judge anything. So this balm doubles as a lip and cheek tint, the compact looks like an extra fat mini lip balm holder. The compact makes it easy to apply to lips, however I still use my finger to apply it because it's quite unhygienic to use the Baby Stick directly from your lips and double it as a cheek tint. 

The whole idea of 2.8 g of a balm tint for R99 might be a slight put off for you, but I promise it is worth it. The Pink Passion is one of three shades and happens to be the most vibrant and the only colour to stand out so much. The Baby Stick colour is buildable so if you feel the colour is too light, you can always double up! So I find this my best product for the month because it gives a lovely "flushed" tint which looks very natural on lips and on cheeks.  I find the Baby Stick to be very blendable and quite easy to use. 

Revlon Baby Sticks are available in the following colours: 
  • Tahitian - A light soft pink 
  • Pink Passion - Vibrant Pink 
  • Sunset - A coral / red colour 

I would recommend you give these Baby Sticks a try because they are unique and absolutely amazing, they are super retro and how can you not pull one of these out in public and have people staring like crazy? I would recommend you test each colour first in store because the colour is not exactly like the colour on the Baby Stick compact.


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