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Katy Perry: Killer Queen

With a fragrance that opens with tempting dark berries and lush plum that blend into an opulent floral heart. The softness and grace of the heart is highlighted by the Royal Red Velvet flower that leads into an intoxicating background of precious woods and sensual musk, how can you ever doubt that this fragrance by Katy Perry is made for royalty? This royal blend is compiled together to make you a Killer Queen. The fragrance Killer Queen is the third fragrance launched by Katy Perry.

The fragrance "Killer Queen" got its touch of royalty after the song Killer Queen by Freddie Mercury. Katy Perry said " Killer Queen has been in my vocabulary since I was 15, because of the song ‘Killer Queen’." Katy Perry also named the fragrance Killer Queen because it's everything she wanted to be from the song. Katy Perry said " Freddie Mercury painted the lyrics of this woman who I wanted to be. She seemed very powerful, and she captivated a room when she walked in. I feel like, after all this time, it was appropriate to use that name in association with something I did. I feel like I’m falling, finally, into that woman Freddie painted.”
This lethally floriental fragrance will intoxicate you, embrace you and fulfill your desire to own the throne. This regal creation of a fragrance is housed in a royal ruby red jewel shaped bottle. The crystal bottle contains shimmering 'diamond' cuts to mimic a royal jewel. The bottle also contains gold detail, bound to make you feel much more like royalty. The bottle is designed to look like the queen's sceptre. This fragrance is bound to bring out the playful and charming side out of anyone. Of course this fragrance is meant for everyone because it will bring every bit of power and royalty out of you.

My thoughts on Killer Queen by Katy Perry

Personally, I am crazy about this fragrance, it isn't just the fragrance scent, it is everything about the fragrance. I've seen so many images of the fragrance bottle and box and I'm just love struck. The box is a royal red colour with royal designs as well as royal prints and embossed printing, while the bottle just has me speechless. I am crazy about this jewel shaped bottle and I just love it. The colour of the bottle as well as the diamond cut of the bottle just has me obsessed with this regal theme. The bottle has a pointed tip, which would mean the bottle can't actually stand on its own, I've researched it and I have read that the fragrance even comes with a gold pedestal to place the fragrance, if it is true, imagine how much more royal that will look when a jewel shaped bottle is displayed?

The scent itself is luscious and mesmerising. As soon as you spray the fragrance you get a lovely sweet and fruity scent. I will admit the scent is quite strong at first, but it isn't overwhelming. After a few minutes the scent fades into a dreamy musk and woody scent, but you still know that sweet scent is still there. During the day the scent fades a little, but the base notes of the fragrance linger on the skin. I feel this scent is a little mysterious because certain days I feel the fragrance smells different than other days, I really like that because it keeps me wondering how the fragrance will make me feel.
To me the fragrance feels like a very playful scent which is very girly and sweet. It is the perfect Summer scent because of the fruity top notes. I'd say this is a scent which brings out the rule breaker in you and makes you want to be in charge and rule the throne. The scent is announced to be playful, sophisticated, powerful, edgy and delicious fragrance, it reflects the rebellious spirit of Katy Perry. I would say this fragrance is truly unique and it is evident that a lot of effort went into producing this royal scent. I'd say this scent is definitely going to bring out the QUEEN in you, whether you're a killer queen, beauty queen, dancing queen, drama queen or even queen of hearts...let your inner queen be unleashed.

The Fragrance Notes

Top Notes
Dark Plum, Wild Berries and Bergamot

Middle Notes
Red Velvet Flower, Rainbow Plumeria and Natural Jasmine Sambac

Base Notes
Cashmeran, Natural Patchouli Heart and Liquid Praline

I would recommend this scent for anyone. If you are looking for a unique scent which is sweet and spicy, this is the scent for you. It is bound to bring out the royalty in you. This scent is perfect for a day time or night time scent. Katy Perry said "I definitely wanted it to be like a signature scent....I really believe in this perfume and I'm so proud of it, I think it can create a lasting memory with people." I personally feel Katy Perry is absolutely right about her fragrance because this is definitely going to be a scent everyone will go crazy about because it is just too intoxicating for words. So ladies, go on... Get ready to put on your crown and rule the throne because Killer Queen is going to take you over.

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  1. The bottle its beautiful love Katy Perry. Keep in touch doll.


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