Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Labello Lip Butters

These amazing lip butters are quite a hit in other countries however they are made by Nivea, while in South Africa the lip butters are made by Labello, which is basically the same company. These deliciously scented lip balms come in: 
  • Original 
  • Raspberry Rosé
  • Vanilla and Macadamia 

I purchased both the Raspberry Rosé and the Vanilla and Macadamia as soon as they hit the shelves in the local Dis-Chem. I was quite pleased to know that they weren't a huge hit on the bank balance and retailed for an amazing price of just R30. 

On the packaging the product is meant to: 
  • Be an indulging formula to pamper lips
  • Relief dry, chapped lips
  • Seals moisture providing long lasting care
  • Leaves a soft shine on lips
I'm going to review my Raspberry Rosé Lip Butter because I've been using it all week. The lip butter comes in a cute tin (vintage of course) and you know how I love these cute little tins! I think the tin is a reasonable size and holds quite a large amount of lip butter (19ml).  The lip butter as a delicious scent which hits you as soon as you open the tin, however the scent isn't overwhelming. The Raspberry Rosé smells a lot like a raspberry smoothie, and has a sweet scent which I really like.

The lip butter is lightly tinted pink, and as a soft buttery texture which is smooth on fingers, in the tin the product looks quite solid, however it melts on fingers as soon as you touch it,  once applied to lips, your lips feel a nice smooth sensation with a yummy scent. The one thing I wasn't too impressed with was that the lip butter gave my lips a slight whitish look which made me feel weird, but when used in the night, be prepared to wake up to super soft lips!

The lip butter gives lips an amazing moisture burst which I love, it keeps my lips well moisturized and hydrated.  The lip butter is very smooth and silky and not sticky at all, it leaves lips well glossed by giving lips a natural shine. These lip butters are a must have this Summer to keep lips looking and feeling amazing.



  1. I have it and love it great review.

  2. Hi! I have a nomination for you on the blog! xx

  3. I was just posting about how I love Labello in my last post - thanx for the reivew I cannot wait to check out the lip butter.


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