Sunday, 14 July 2013

Glamour to Go Eyeshadow Palette

I have this eye shadow kit in glamour to go. This amazing eye shadow palette has eight beautiful shades of colours which shimmer and sparkle in the night. This eye shadow palette is meant to be used for a glamorous eye make up, preferably in the night.

The palette has a beautiful clear and silver compact, with a beautiful silver print on the lid which flips back. The palette has eight mini eye shadows and a cute dual brush which has a sponge applicator and an eye shadow brush on either side. They help apply the eye shadow well, and make blending the eye shadow much easier.

The eye shadow has different shades of purple and silver which is why it's my favourite at the moment! However I also love the peach shade and a shade of blue to blend in here and there. I haven't created many different looks, but occasionally I experiment with the palette. I simply love how these eye shadows have such rich pigments which shimmer and shine in the light, they also give eyes intense colour which is always what I'm looking for in an eye shadow.

I would really recommend you give this eye shadow palette a try, the colours are long lasting and rich in colour. These are perfect to get the best look for a dramatic night time look for anyone. Plus the colours are easy to blend so you can get any look you're trying to achieve.

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