Monday, 24 June 2013

Catrice Ultimate Colour : 260 It's a Matt World

This is one of the first Catrice Lipsticks I own and it will be one I will always purchase in future. By now everyone is aware that Catrice has amazing quality make up, with a fraction of the cost! I was lucky enough to receive one of their amazing Ultimate Colour Lipsticks to review. When I saw this sleek and sexy heavy lipstick tube I thought they had mistakenly sent me a super luxurious lipstick rather than a Catrice one (because I expected it to have a less expensive packaging) , but NO WAY! This amazing lipstick was so amazing and luxurious and the packaging was super sexy, unless you own it, you'll never understand how amazing it looks.

It's definitely known that if the packaging is amazing, the lipstick must be just as amazing, right? SUPER RIGHT! This lipstick was vibrant and intense. The colour is a deep bright red (my favourite type of colour) and it had a soft and smooth texture on lips. The lipstick glided on with absolute ease and make lips feel velvet smooth. The name says it all about this lipstick." It's a Matt World", the lipstick transforms to a soft matte finish which lasts up to 8 hours (that's how long I wore the colour for) plus this lipstick leaves lips soft and smooth without drying lips out.

I was in search for the perfect matte lipstick, and here she is! This lipstick is amazing and fabulous. It should be on every ladies lips and in every ladies hand bag! I would really recommend you give this lipstick a try. I has a classy look.... Plus the lipstick even has the "Catrice" imprint on the lipstick. So basically this is your ULTIMATE lipstick, sleek black barrel, smooth velvet lipstick and long lasting colour. What more could a girl ask for?

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