Saturday, 8 June 2013

Lip Balm Crazy!

Winter is here and nothing is better than facing Winter with good lip balm at hand. Keeping lips soft, smooth and simply delicious is essential this winter! I've chosen a few of my favourite lip balms to give you the best selection ever!

Lip balms are meant to help keep lips healthy and soft and smooth. My selection has the best balms you can find which are affordable, while a few are a bank breaker! Presenting my line of lip balms!!!

From left to right:

Zam Buk Cherry Lip Balm : This has to be the most affordable lip balm I've come across, it leaves lips soft and smooth and smelling cherrylicious! I will warn you before hand, if you use too much of the balm, lips will have a white tint, so wipe off a bit. Retails for R5.

Essence OZ Lip Changing Balm: I simply love this lip balm! It's actually limited edition, but it has a lovely sweet scent, plus it keeps lips super soft and gives lips a soft tint of colour. Retails for R29.

Yardley Rollo Gloss Smooch Balm Latte: Who can resist latte flavoured lips? NOT ME! This scent is so dreamy and delicious, it will make you lick your lips all day long! Retails for R29.

Labello Repair & Beauty: This balm is more intense and repairs lips within hours, lips are softer, smoother and super amazing. This balm has a menthol feel which makes lips feel amazing, it also gives lips a sheer pink tint. Retails at R30

Born Lippy Pomegranate: Everything from The Body Shop is automatically delicious, this fruity balm isn't anything short of tempting! It taste like yummy pomegranate and gives lips a refreshing and delicious scent with a small burst of colour. Retails for R40

Born Lippy Toffee: Soft smooth toffee scented lips, could you say no? This balm gives lips a beautiful brown shimmer with a delicious toffee scent. Retails at R40

Soft lips Chai Tea: Soft lips has to be the most famous lip balm out there for softer lips! This balm is from the organic range, it's a Chai Tea flavour which has cinnamon scent and nutmeg. Retails for R26

Palmers Dark Chocolate & Cherry Lip Butter: This lip butter is the richest lip balm I've ever used and is certainly a winner! Mainly because the balm is affordable, smells delicious and keeps lips looking amazing. This lip balm has a lovely cherry and chocolate scent which is irresistible and amazing. Retails for R21,99

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Balm: This balm is a bit of a bank breaker, it's amazing to keep lips in tip top condition. Retails for R150

Lip Ice Jello: This is Lip Ice going all vintage, the tin is super cute and all pink! The balm has a sweet delicious scent which I love. Retails for R15


  1. I would love to try out the Palmers Lip Butter...their products are also so rich and moisturizing.

  2. They are! plus they smell delicious and are affordable!


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