Thursday, 23 May 2013

Sensationail Gel Starter Kit by Nailene

So it has been almost a year since Nailene introduced their first ever Gel Starter Kit to create your own amazing gel manicure at home! I clearly remember being really excited about the whole thing and saving up my money to buy the kit. At first I found it so hard to do my own gel manicures and perfect it because I'm a really messy painter, until I figured it out. So since today is Nail Mania for Purple Sparkle, I thought I would introduce you to my nail kit so you can know more about it.

So when you purchase a starter kit from Sensationail it comes in two colours :
  • Scarlet Red
  • Raspberry Wine

And each kit would look like this

The kit contains the following :
  • The Pro 3060 LED Lamp
  • The Gel Cleanser
  • The Gel Primer
  • The Gel Colour
  • The Gel Base and Top Coat
  • A manicure stick
  • 10 lint free wipes
  • Nail File

So I'm going to give you a brief description of all the products :

The Pro 3060 LED Lamp
The exclusive Pro 3060 LED Lamp was designed to safely and quickly flash-cure the SensatioNail? Gel Polish, sealing in the color to a glossy, damage-proof, mirror-like finish.

The Gel Cleanser
Wipe nails clean to prep and wipe your gel manicure to finish!

The Gel Primer
A few brush strokes of primer and voilá! The gel polish will cling for up to 2 weeks!

The Gel Colour
The Starter Kits are available in 2 of the hottest trend colors: Scarlet Red and Raspberry Wine.

The Gel Base and Top Coat
One thin layer strengthens natural nails, forms a durable bond between nail and polish and prevents peeling and chipping. And it super-seals color for a brilliant, ultra strong chip-free finish and amazing color vibrancy that lasts for up to 2 weeks.

The starter kit only lasts 10 manicures, however once it's finished you can purchase an essentials kit which looks like this.


And purchase colour gel polishes in whichever colour you fancy. The colour range looks like this.

To remove the gel from nails, toy simply buff the coat off, and soak nails in acetone and the gel will peel off. Which I find quite simple!


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