Thursday, 23 May 2013

Salon Manicure Cuticle Eraser + Balm

So this is one of my products dedicated to someone who loves having perfectly manicured nails all the time which look healthy and don't have ragged cuticles. This balm is simply amazing because its super moisturising and helps keep nails looking 80% smoother. The cuticle balm and eraser come in a rich creamy texture which can be absorbed quickly, leaving cuticles looking healthy, smooth and much more beautiful and conditioned than before. Plus this balm is super cute because it has the balm and eraser swirled into a spiral which looks very eye catching and attractive.

So how do you apply this balm?
Massage a small amount into cuticles until completely absorbed. Use a cuticle pusher, if needed, to help further loosen hard to remove cuticles. Use daily for maximum benefits. Wash hands before applying polish.

Benefits :
  • 2-in-1 formula with white tea & cucumber gently & quickly loosens & exfoliates stubborn, overgrown cuticles while leaving skin feeling deeply moisturized
  • Helps prevent hangnails and promotes healthy nail growth
  • Can be used daily

My Verdict
I would recommend you give this product a try, it has a lovely fresh scent and frequent use of the product makes cuticles super soft and nourished, I also love the container the balm comes in. It is a little hard to open which got me a bit irritated because I'm impatient, but I finally figured it out. To me the product is quite eye catching, but is also a little pricey, I would still recommend going for the product if you want to invest in a good cuticle balm which doesn't leave cuticles greasy or oily before you paint your nails then this is the one for you! Just make sure you apply a small amount because too much can make cuticles greasy.

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