Thursday, 9 May 2013

Revlon Coloursilk Luminista : Burgundy Black

So I recently coloured my hair around three months ago, and the colour started to fade, plus I have serious hair colour commitment and I get bored with it too quick, so I read about the Revlon Coloursilk Luminista on the Revlon website and I was sold. The reason I was eager to try it out is because this hair colour is meant for dark hair which wants vibrant colour.

The reason I chose the Burgundy Black is because it had a lovely violet hue which I've been dying to get, mixed with a black, I was a bit nervous because I've never actually used a Revlon hair colour before. I was also a bit worried because my hair is brownish red mix that the colour may not come out the way I wanted it. I faced all my fears and went out to Clicks and purchased the Revlon Coloursilk Luminista. To my surprise the hair dye was both affordable and perfect.

The box was smaller than other hair dye kits, however it contained everything needed. The kit contained :
Créme Developer
Liquid Colour
Pair of gloves
Sachet of conditioner

So I was super excited, because this product is ammonia free which makes me feel much better about my hair care, it also has mango butter to nourish hair which is a double excitement because who would say no to silky smooth hair?
So this hair colour is pretty cool, it has an olden day feature where hair colours have the gloves stuck onto the information sheet, which I haven't seen in ages. I was super excited to try it out. So here it goes...

So you remove the developer crème lid and snip of the tube - Simple! Pour in the liquid colour, and screw back the lid. You simply put on the gloves, place your finger over the cut tip and shake the tube for 1 minute. I waited intil the hair colour turned into a violet colour. I sectioned my hair and then applied the dye. I left the dye on for half an hour and rinsed out the hair colour. Once all the colour was out, I begun to freak out because my hair felt course and rough. I ripped open the conditioner praying that it helps out. WOW it's a pity they didn't include a bigger bottle of the conditioner because its amazing. My hair instantly became silky soft and smooth.

Since my hair had become silky smooth I would definitely agree when Revlon said "High shine mango butter formula leaves hair in better conditions than before." My hair has taken such an amazing transformation I really can't explain it. I would really recommend you give this product a try, it comes in vibrant shades, which is absolutely perfect for people who have very dark hair.

PRO's and CON's

Very affordable
Vibrant shades
Perfect for dark hair
Simple to use
Doesn't have a harsh smell
Ammonia free
Hair feels super soft and amazing
Available in many shades

Gloves are a bit tight
Hair colour is a bit runny
Only one sachet of conditioner

So this product does have it's ups and downs, but I would really recommend you give this product a try because the results are simply amazing. It's sad that there wasn't enough conditioner, however the product is super amazing, and once your hair feels soft and smooth you would really agree that the results are simply amazing. As for the colour my hair transformed into a vibrant brown colour with a beautiful purple hue, especially in the sunlight my hair has a beautiful vibrant shade which I really love. I've also noticed that after I've styled my hair, my hair looks more sleek and frizz free which I love.

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