Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Perfume of the Month

I was given this amazing DKNY Delicious Night as a gift from my cousin for my 16th birthday, however I've used it only a few times. I've been keeping this bottle of heaven so safe because the scent is so precious and sweet, just one spray would leave you in heaven. This amazing fragrance is something different from the rest of the DKNY range, but it is still an amazing fragrance which everyone should get their hands on.

This amazing perfume comes in a beautiful purple bottle which screams class and glamourous all over. The perfume opens with notes of frosted pomelo, ginger, blackberry, pink freesia and martini and then blends into the middle notes which bring in night orchid, jasmine and pink iris, while the base reveals amber, frankincense, myrrh extract, patchouli and vetiver.

This perfume is perfect for anybody who loves the glamourous and bold life because that's exactly what this perfume is all about. It comes in a 50ml and a 100ml bottle. I would recommend you give this perfume a try because the scent is very unique and isn't apple based at all. It is rather quite fruity and the scent is really long lasting. The scent lingers on skin for hours and brings sweet notes all over the skin.

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