Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Mineral Wear : Talc-Free Mineral Loose Powder

One of my friends recommended I try this powder for oily skin and sensitive skin because Mineral Powders are better on oily skin as they not heavy and control the oiliness. This powder retails for around R175 which was quite pricey for a first try because mineral powders and I don't really get along. But I was wrong very wrong. I went to Dis-Chem last week while they were having their big beauty sale and got this powder for R90, I was so excited I tested my colour, purchased more products and eagerly awaited my chance to try out the product.

I have really bad experiences with mineral powders, they either make me look grey, or they fall everywhere and get really messy! This mineral powder actually changed my views on mineral powders.
The sift which allows powder to fall when you want to use it is smaller, so you're not wasting the powder and that was actually the best part of the product! The next best part is that the product has another lid which separates the actual product lid from the powder container, and it has place to store your brush, that's an advantage for me because I really hate when the brush gets dirty when thrown into a make up bag.

I've also noticed the brush is actually softer and less rough on skin than other mineral powder brushes. The product also states that it helps reduce break outs but I don't break out that much so I'm not really sure about that, but I can say that this product is perfect if you have sensitive skin because it doesn't irritate skin at all, plus it leaves skin oil free for a good few hours. It's really worth a try, and I'd recommend this product for oil control and sensitive skin.

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