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Essence Colour Pigment Range

Essence Pigment Colours

Rainbow colours! it’s hard to choose when you have a choice of 20 expressive colours and endless effects. simply select your favourite colours, mix them together upon demand and apply on the respective moist base for your eyes, lips and nails.

The colours above are the colours which are available in the new Colour Art Pigment Range. You can purchase them for R29 per jar, if you want to create a new colour, then you simply mix and match the colours to create your own colour! I find this whole range so exciting because once you have a few colours and a few base coats, you really don't know what to create first, from lip glosses, nail polishes and eye shadows.

Essence Colour Mixing Jars

These mixing jars come in sets of two. They are small and clear and are used to store all new creations which you've experimented with. These jars have screw on lids which makes it easier to store your pigment mixes, creations or simply store them for the next use. I use them when I'm trying to create something new, so I mix my pigments and store them in the jar. These jars also come in a cute resealable package which makes carrying around your little jars much more safer.

Essence Colour Art Multi Tasker

I love this multi tasker tool. It has a sleek black handle, with a silicone tip, which can be used for mixing different pigments or getting an accurate dosage of pigment or even using it for the exact positioning of your pigments on eyes, lips and nails so there's no more messy jobs! Plus if your multi tasker gets messed, simply remove any pigment left overs with regular make up remover, and once again your multi tasker will be clean again.


Essence Colour Art Nail Polish Base

This crystal clear nail polish base can be used to change any Essence Pigments into an amazing and crazy nail polish. You can mix and match colours, so NOBODY will ever have the same polish as you do again! You can create funky colours and unique designs all in the comfort of your own home. I found this so interesting because the pigment range has glitter pigments and plain pigments, so you can mix and match and create your own unique nail polish.

Essence Colour Art Eye Base

This has to be one of my favourites from the Essence Pigment range, I absolutely love eye shadows and I really can't get enough of them. So I purchased a few pigments, and then purchased this eye shadow base. It comes in a squeeze tube and is really simple to use. It's like most eye shadow bases, however it's much more creamy and allows the loose pigments to stay on eyes for much longer than just using the loose pigments. I found that this base also enhances the colour of the pigment by giving it more dimension and definition.


Essence Colour Art Lip Base

So this is a lip base which is similar to a clear lip gloss. It has a pointed sponge applicator which allows perfect application of this lip base. You use the lip base if you what to change the pigments from powder and make them into a super cute lip gloss. All you do is simply dab some of the clear base on your lips, and then slide on some of the pigments which will give lips a lovely burst of colour. It's really simple to use and doesn't mess at all.


So I've recently purchased two amazing Essence Pigments, I purchased the two colours which I've reviewed below.

Essence Pigments : 10 Fairy Dust

This was one of the two Essence Pigments which I've purchased. The colour is called fairy dust because it's a beautiful shimmering silver which catches the light and reflects the light in a holographic colour. I've used this pigment with the eye shadow base as an eye shadow, and the results were amazing. The eye shadow lasted up to five hours without fading or looking dull. I've also used this amazing pigment as a highlighter! The results were simply amazing.



Essence Pigments : 09 Be My Brightsmaid

So I've recently become addicted to this range since it got bigger and better! This amazing pigment which I picked up is a beautiful shimmering gold which I really can't get enough off! I purchased it because I love light but shimmering colours. I applied an eye shadow base to my eyelids and then apply the pigments because it helps the pigments stay on eyelids much longer and look more dimensional. . I've also found it easier to apply this pigment because the pigment has a small sieve on the top so I don't waste any of the product and my brush can pick up the product easier.



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  1. Be my Brightsmaid looks so gorgeous. I think it will work great as an eye corner highlighter.


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