Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Bobbi Brown : Rich Colour Gloss

I've never really used Bobbi Brown cosmetics before, so when I received this gloss I was so excited to try out this gloss, I really couldn't wait. The gloss has a long squarish tube which is clear (you can see the colour you're purchasing) while the tube lid is black. The tube and the lid are shiny and the tube has the print "BOBBI BROWN" on the tube.

As soon as you open the gloss you get a yummy scent of vanilla mixed with a minty scent. You can't really get the scent when you apply it, however when you open the tube, you can get the yummy scent.

The colour I have is Merlot, which is a chocolaty colour, however when it's applied to my lips it's actually a sheer colour, but the gloss is rich and smooth. The gloss gives a shiny look while making lips look absolutely luscious. What I loved about this gloss was that it wasn't thick or heavy on lips but quite light. I also love the applicator which allows the gloss to be slicked on perfectly with no mess or fuss.

If you're not sure which colour to choose, the range has :
Angel Pink - A soft pink
Dusty Rose - A pink mauve
Merlot - A chocolate rum
Pink Buff - A nude pink
Pink Cocoa - A heather beige
Pink Gold - A soft pink with gold pearl
Pink Raspberry - A bright rose
Pink Sorbet - A soft pink raspberry
Ruby Red - A bright red
Tutu - A blush pink

I would recommend you give this gloss a try, it's amazingly light and has a beautiful rich colour, which is what everyone searches for in a gloss. The gloss is long lasting and super yummy smelling.

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