Tuesday, 23 April 2013

PhytoExquisites Floral Hydrating Mist

This has to be one of the best smelling toners I've ever come across. Normally toners have a really strong chemical smell which I really don't like, because the toner makes my eyes burn while I'm cleansing my skin, but not this toner! This toner just gives a new name to everything.

It has a pleasant and fresh smell, and actually does wonders for the skin. This toner has been infused with regenerating Rose, Neroli and Jasmine oils to help skin by feeding skin and nourishing skin, as well as oxygenating skin to feel smoother and softer as well as cleaner, plus the rose and jasmine gives skin a lovely fresh floral smell.

The toner has also been infused with anti-ageing Rosehip to repair skin which has been damaged due to sun exposure and other damages, while the Witch Hazel in the product helps to remove access oil, leaving skin feeling fresh and well hydrated.

This toner can be used as a regular toner or as a skin refresher, which is actually what I use the product for because my skin can get really dry and irritated in the Durban weather as well as very red. So just a few spritz of this product and skin is perfect. Plus this toner doesn't irritate or burn skin so even if you spray it near eyes it doesn't do anything at all. I would recommend you give this product a try because it's really amazing! Plus your skin will feel well hydrated and smell amazing, and it gives skin a soft glow.

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