Thursday, 25 April 2013

My Accessories : Cosmetic Brush Set

I'd pay anything for a really good set of make up brushes, but for this amazing set I just paid R70. It comes with :
Blusher/bronzer dusting brush
Eyeshadow brush
Slanted eyeliner brush
Eyebrow brush and comb

So yesterday I purchased quite a few brushes cause I needed some new ones! So you'll be seeing many brush reviews today! I really wanted to test out the quality of these brushes because for the price they should have really been worth it.

So here's the verdict:

Blusher/bronzer dusting brush : super soft and perfect for skin, it doesn't irritate or trouble skin! The bristles actually feel like a light fluffy bunny is gracing your face rather than a brush (sorry for that description! It was the best way to explain)

Eyeshadow brush : this eyeshadow brush is amazing, I'll swear by perfect eyeshadow everyday thanks to this brush! The sponge picks up the perfect amount of eyeshadow and transfers it to eyes, the sponge is super soft and bouncy on eyelids, which is perfect to achieve the perfect look.

Slanted eyeliner brush : Besides the Essence eyeliner brush which has a similar look, I haven't tried any other slanted eyeliner brush, this one gives a perfect line without a good practice. Plus it has a matte finish tip on the brush which allows perfect grip

Eyebrow brush and comb : to be honest, I didn't really try this product because I'm not really a fan of these brushes!

I would still recommend you give these brushes a try, they super cute and stylish and really worth it!

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