Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Master Drama Crayon Khôl

This is the best eyeliner I've come across, I read about it at the back of the Maybelline Mascara which
I purchased last week and I really had to purchase this eyeliner and try them together. When I purchased this eyeliner I thought R99 for an eyeliner is a bit too much, but I was willing to try it out.

When I felt the texture of this eyeliner I was really really worried, because the texture was really creamy and smooth, which is a good thing (don't get me wrong) but the first thing I think of is CREAMY TEXTURE = SMUDGES! But surprisingly not, which I was glad to find out.

When I applied this eyeliner to my eyelid the actual Khôl felt cold but really smooth and creamy, and went onto my eyelids in a simple precise line which I could do perfectly (even though I don't have a steady hand). The eyeliner didn't smudge at all *heaven's music plays* plus it gave me a well defined look which was just too amazing I couldn't get over it!

The only thing I wasn't happy about was that a lot of the product is going to get wasted because it needs to be sharpened a lot to get a good precise look. However I'm sure we can overlook that because the product is really amazing other than that!

So I would recommend you give this product a try! It's a winner. It gives 16 hours of smudge proof, no fading and smooth, rich colour.

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