Tuesday, 23 April 2013


This is one of the best products' I've ever come across, and hats off to the genius who has brought this product to South Africa! ColourB4 is a product which you use on you hair (exactly the way you use hair dye) and it removes all the old hair colour from your hair leaving you with your natural amazing hair colour. This amazing product has been making waves around South Africa and is completely gentle and contains no ammonia or bleach so you know you not damaging your hair at all.

You're probably wondering how this product works right? Well...It works by shrinking the artificial dye molecules in your hair, leaving you to wash them away. Sounds pretty amazing, and you will be really glad to know that Colour B4 does not affect your natural hair pigment. It’s the safest, most effective way to rewind hair colour.However when using this product make sure you cover up all space which can get stained and use gloves!

What's in the box?
Activator (Part A)
Remover (Part B)
Buffer (Part C)

So here are the steps!

Step one : Remove the applicator nozzle from Part B (Remover) and pour entire contents into Part A (Activator). Shake for 30 seconds.

Step two : Once mixed, apply Colour B4 (using the applicator nozzle) onto hair. Work quickly as the product strength will decrease the longer it has been mixed. Use a large-toothed plastic comb to separate sections and ensure even distribution.

Step three : Once evenly applied, leave in for 20 minutes. Do not let your hair get too cold during this period. A cold environment will produce less effective results.

Step four : Rinsing is a very important step in the process. Once the allocated leave-in time has elapsed, rinse with warm water for at least 5 minutes and up to 10 minutes if you have longer hair.

Step five : After the first rinse, apply Buffer (Part C). Work into lather and leave in for 1 minute to absorb. Rinse again for a minimum of 5 minutes.

Step six : After the second rinse, apply the Buffer again. Lather and rinse as you would with a normal shampoo. After all traces of the Buffer are removed you can towel dry your hair.

And the colour is out! I would recommend you try this product to remove any hair colour which you have in your hair because it helps enhance the colour the next time you dye your hair and hair will look better and have a more enhanced look! Plus this product is so easy to use!

I've combined my review with information from the website. I hope this review helped you.

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