Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Like a First Day in Spring

So everyone knows about Essence's amazing beauty products which have the best quality you can ever find, but have you ever come across the new perfume range from Essence? Well I read about it last year on the Essence website but I didn't really purchased it because it hasn't been in South Africa until NOW! I was super excited because there was an amazing range of perfumes.

The range had perfumes called:
Like a day in a candy Shop
Like a new love
Like a trip to NY
Girls night out
Like a walk in the summer rain
Like a first day in spring

I didn't really have time to smell all, but the perfume 'Like a First Day in Spring' caught my attention the most, the box was lime green with a hot pink, light pink and purple flowers, butterflies and shapes throughout the box and a shiny silver ribbon imprint which wrapped around the front of the box. I was hooked just by the box and tested the perfume first.

I was so excited, the perfume had a sweet scent which was really girly, I found the scent was very floral and fruity and has a lovely musk scent. I really didn't have time to choose and be picky so I grabbed this one of the shelf because to me it really smelt great.

I used it to campus today and it was amazing, the scent was strong and fruity but not overwhelming, I felt the perfume lasted all day and I didn't need any touch ups. I would recommend you give this perfume a try it smells amazing and is really affordable. It comes in a 10ml which retails for R45 while a larger 50ml bottle which retails around R89.

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