Tuesday, 23 April 2013

intense i-color shadow stick

This has been one of the best eye shadows I've ever tried. It is a duo eye shadow which has two colours on either side. The colours are complementary shades, so they can be used together or separately. This eye shadow stick is simply amazing! The colours were so intense and vibrant and didn't need touching up at all.

When you apply the eye shadow stick to eyes it feels really creamy and velvety on eye lids which is what I really like, the application is effortless and so simple. It provided a lovely colour for a very long time and didn't face over the hours or crease at all, basically it didn't budge at all!

I was also really excited about the eye shadow having slight shimmer pigments which are perfect for wearing day time and in the afternoon, when worn in the night the colour looks much more intense and really professional. Plus it's easy to remove and doesn't hurt eyes at all, which means its perfect for sensitive eyes!

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