Thursday, 25 April 2013

Essence BB Cream

Yes ladies it's true, South Africa's most affordable beauty brand has brought their own BB Cream to grace South African skin. It's a force of habit to stare at the Essence make up stand, even if I don't really need anything, however this time I didn't just purchase one product, I purchased three exciting new products!

The first is definitely the BB Cream of course. How could I say no? The packaging was brilliant white top which blends into a cream/beige colour with the words "BB" in hot pink and all other details in small writing but with that attractive and eye catching hot pink.

The BB Cream is available in the following shades:
01 Universal
02 Natural
03 Medium

Super excited to try it out, I grabbed the tester and squirted some of the BB cream in the shade medium on my hand. The BB was cool on skin, and blended so effortlessly into my skin, I was so impressed. I couldn't see any caking or any lines, just silky smooth cool skin with a lovely glow to it. I was so excited I had to purchase the BB Cream. The BB Cream is also SPF 30 which means skin will be protected during those hot summer days.

I used the BB Cream for almost a week now and the results are absolutely amazing. The BB Cream isn't dry and contains a lot of moisture in it. The BB Cream blends effortlessly and gives skin a flawless dewy look which is what everyone wants. The BB Cream hides imperfections and flaws leaving you looking beautiful and amazing all day long, without the need of powder! So there's no oily look at all!

PRO's and CON's

Fragrance Free
Oil Free
Available in three shades
Blends smoothly on skin
VERY affordable
Doesn't leave skin oily
Gives a medium coverage

The only problem would be that medium is the darkest colour available.

I would really recommend you give this product a try because it's the most affordable BB Cream available - Retails at R58. It leaves skin velvety smooth and beautifully dewy. It's a MUST for winter because the product has enough of moisture and doesn't leave skin dry at all.

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