Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Concrete Effect Nail Polish : Nude

Nail Inc is the hottest nail polish trend which has taken over South Africa, and they have the hottest nail trends you can ever come across. In Durban it's really unfortunate than Nail Inc is really had to get, but I know my secret sources who got me a few products to introduce to my Beauty Bulletin girls.

This nail polish is really amazing, it comes in four colours :

I purchased the nude, because I really didn't want to go all out and get a bright colour, in case I didn't like it. The nude one was a creamish colour and I really liked it. This polish is meant to give nails a good texture feel, and I really wanted to experience that.

I gave my nails two coats of this polish which applied on smooth and had a slight texture, the brush was flat and allowed perfect application, I was really impressed and excited together, within 10 minutes my nails were dry and I was so impressed, my nails had a really grainy feeling which was so amazing.

This product is a bit expensive and retails for R120 but if you really want to try this product, I would recommend you give it a try, it's an amazing experience and I'm sure everyone would love to have this experience.

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