Saturday, 2 March 2013

Rollo' Gloss Smooch Balm - Latte Luscious

Who can resist the smell of Latte floating in the air? Definitely NOT me!!! I was super excited when I purchased the new Yardley Rollo' Gloss Smooch Balm. These balms are nothing like your typical balm, they funky and fresh and smell so delicious. I chose Latte Luscious, which is a bronze latte scented lip balm, don't freak out, I'm not prepared to have my lips be bronzed, these balms are actually colour free.

When I got a chance to rip open the plastic and try out the balm, I was ecstatic, I applied a lovely healthy layer of this balm to my lips. My lips felt like they were being saved from a drought. They instantly felt moisturised a d nourished. While I loved the light scent of Latte, my lips craved for more moisture, during the lunch breaks and free moments, when my lips felt they needed some attention I applied some of this balm.

I think another great thing about the balm is the presentation, I'm a sucker for cute things (by now everyone knows that) and this balm was just amazing. It comes with a clear lid which has the product name and some details (take a look at the pictures) while the lip balm holder has a cute spiral design all over. The best part about the product is its lock feature, which the cap has a slight 'clicking' noise so you know the cover is definitely on and not traveling in your handbag.

I actually want to try this product in different flavours and I probably would when I get the time. But I would recommend this product to anyone who loves light or soft coloured lip balms, and enjoys scented lip balms and besides this product is completely inexpensive and completely worth it.

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