Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Yardley Gel Lac Nail Polish - Plum

So as soon as I read about the Yardley Gel Lac Nail Polish on Beauty Bulletin, I had to purchase it and give it a try, because I simply love to try new products. While I had some time I called around shops to check who exactly had the product. I called Edgars, Clicks and Foschini. Both Edgars and Clicks did not have stock in Ballito or Stanger, but of course Foschini had the product as always.

I raced to purchase the polish, I purchased two Gel Lac polishes, one in Plum and one in Pink. Before I say anymore about the product, i'd like to say that the product comes in a large bottle (15ml) rather than the smaller bottles and retails at R69 per a bottle. I rushed home to paint my nails pretty. I opted to try the plum first. As soon as I opened the bottle I noticed the applicator brush was big and beautiful, it was a wide flat applicator with a rounded tip for perfect application.

As I begun to apply the polish, I noticed the high shine and thickness of the polish (it has a really good consistency, which looks a lot like applying Gel Polish which gets cured under a UV lamp) with one sweep of the brush, I had my index finger covered completely in a high shine polish, which looked very smooth and silky, I was amazed. After applying the first coat, my nails had an amazing colour (while with other polishes I need about three coats to get the perfect colour) I applied another coat for a high shine long lasting colour.

My polish took about 5 - 10 minutes, and once it was dry, it gave an amazing high voltage shine like you wouldn't believe, it looks like gel, feels like gel, as amazing as gel. I'm not sure how long the polish will last, but I will keep you posted over the days.

Pretty please have a look at my pictures to have a better look at the product.

So here are the Pro's and Con's

  • Super smooth colour
  • Large applicator brush for perfect strokes of polish
  • Super shiny finish
  • Glossy look and feel
  • Luxurious colours with high pigments
  • Looks good on long and short nails
  • Doesn't need a lot of drying time
  • Available in 11 amazing colours
  • AND THE BEST ONE FOR LAST- if you're a messy painter (like me) don't worry, the polish is super nail polish remover friendly, and isn't hard to remove from the edges.

  • There is not much information about the product, and hardly anybody knows about it
  • The applicator brush is abit big for my pinky finger and messes a little.

I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants beautiful high gloss nails, with amazing colour in few minutes. This product is really hard to find out about, but I hope I gave you guys enough information about it :) it's an amazing product and everyone should really try it out!

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  1. Such a gorgeous colour!



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