Saturday, 2 March 2013

Precious Powder Pearls

The loveliest ultra-fine sun powder in an attractive pearl shape, giving easy application. Can be used on the face and the body. Contains no perfume.

Product Review
This is the most amazing bronzer and blusher that I've ever tried. It beats every other type of peals that I've tried. The pearls don't get stuck to the angled brush *heaven music plays* and the pigments that get transferred onto skin is so amazing, it gives skin different hues of gold, pearl, pink and shimmer all in one sweep. The colour pigments are completely sensitive skin friendly and the pearls don't irritate and hurt skin. I have the colour Magic, but I know they have more colours, Edgars didn't have stock though.

So to round up this review, I'd say give this product a try, the pearls last on skin for quite some time and don't fade off, however they do transfer on objects alittle. I really want to try this bronzer in other colours.

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